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"We were able to drill out the broken bolts on the job site. In less than one hour, the front end loader was back at work, with minimal downtime normally required for such a repair. This tool literally paid for itself the very first time we used it."

William B., Belden Asphalt Paving Company, Inc.
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"The savings from using this tool almost paid for the tool three times, not to mention the savings in down time."

Fred F., Jackson Truck Service
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This kit is for drilling out larger bolts on anything! Not just the Bradley tank!

Instructions for drilling out a 5/8-11 broken Bradley Tank Skirt bolt in the field with a 1/2" hand drill

  1. Remove skirt from side of Bradley (per tech manual)
  2. Grind off any excess bolt sticking above the surface that the fixture mounts on (if broken below the surface move to Step 3)
  3. Remove 3 to 4 of the 3/4-10 bolts in the straight line pattern
  4. If all (5) 5/8-11 skirt bolts are broken, use (2) of the 3/4-10 bolt holes to secure the "Universal Drill Fixture" to the side Bradley (200 combinations) in different locations to finish the remaining (4) broken bolts.
  5. Align bushing hole over the 5/8-11 broken bolt.

Alignment tip: When aligning fixture over 5/8-11 (.625 Dia. bolt), use the bushing out of the 3/4-10 tool pack, it's I.D. is 21/32 (.656). This will allow you to align by eye perfectly, tighten the fixture down and IMMEDIATELY PUT THE 3/4- 10 TOOL PACK AWAY. The next bushing size up works with all sizes that you are dealing with.

Begin process for 5/8-11 broken bolt drill out procedure

Drilling tip: Use some type of cutting fluid when ever possible (just water is that's all you have available)

  1. Align fixture
  2. Use your 3/16 tool-pack, drill bushing and drill to drill the pilot hole completely through bolt
  3. Use your 3/8 tool-pack, drill bushing and drill to drill the larger pilot hole completely through bolt
  4. Use your 5/8-11 tool pack, 17/32 tap drill bushing and drill to the center of the bolt completely out
  5. Use the 5/8-11 tap (if needed) to chase out the "original threads"
  6. Move fixture and repeat process for multiple broken bolts

Qty. Tap Tap Drill Drill Bushing
1 ea.   3/16 Dia. Pilot 3/16 I.D.
1 ea.   3/8 Dia. Pilot 3/8 I.D.
1 ea. 1/2-13 27/64 Dia. 27/64 I.D.
1 ea. 9/16-12 31/64 Dia. 31/64 I.D.
1 ea. 5/8-11 17/32 Dia. 17/32 I.D.
1 ea. 3/4-10 21/32 Dia. 21/32 I.D.

Below: Below are some examples of the different combinations that can be used for broken bolt removal for the Bradley tank.

Tank Broken Bolt 1
Tank Broken Bolt 2
Tank Broken Bolt 3
Tank Broken Bolt 4
Tank Broken Bolt 5
Tank Broken Bolt 6

Many industries are already using this new tool to solve their broken bolt problems. Many industries have yet to benefit from this tool as well. If you have an issue with a broken bolt, contact us today!

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Uses of the Broken Bolt Extractor Include:

  • Broken Bolt Extraction
  • Exhaust Manifold Bolts
  • Engine Block Broken Bolts
  • Cylinder Head Repair
  • Broken Bolts above, below and level with the surface
  • Lift Trucks
  • Automotive Broken Bolts
  • Engine Rebuilding
  • Truck Repair
  • Heavy Equipment Repair
  • Automobile Repair
  • Building Maintenance
  • Grounds Equipment
  • School Buses
  • Aluminum Pumps, Compressors, etc.
  • Remove bolts for others as a business!
  • Use this tool for all of your broken bolts, ANYTHING with broken bolts!